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  • Edco Scourer Pad Holders

    Edco Scourer Pad Holders

    $11.95 $10.95

    Hand held unit for the Power Pad range Dimensions: W238 x D95mm OR • Allows you to use Power Pads with a broom handle or extension pole • Fits 25mm handles Dimensions: W238 x D95mm ...

  • EDCO Power Pads

    EDCO Power Pads

    $3.95 $3.50

    White • Non-scratch polishing pad • Ideal for achieving a gloss finish Red • Ideal for light duty scrubbing Green • Ideal for general purpose scrubbing and cleaning Black • Ideal for extra h ...

  • EDCO Merri Magic 1pk

    EDCO Merri Magic 1pk

    $3.95 $3.50

    • Erases dirt and grime with just water • Ideal for spot cleaning in all areas • Can be cut into smaller blocks if needed • Ideal for removing marks from walls, doors and carpets • Dimension ...

  • EDCO Multy Heavy Duty Scourer Sponge 5 Pack

    EDCO Multy Heavy Duty Scourer Sponge 5 Pack

    $3.95 $3.50

    • Aggressive commercial grade scourer for removing heavy duty grime • Suitable for commercial kitchens and industrial work • Highly absorbent sponge to soak up fluids • Hand size makes for eas ...

  • EDCO Cheeky Wipes 80 Pack

    EDCO Cheeky Wipes 80 Pack

    $6.95 $5.00

    Contains aloe vera and lanolin for soothing relief Alcohol-free for less irritation Unscented for reduced allergic reactions Ideal for babies and personal hygiene ...

  • EDCO Easy Wipes Roll 50 Sheets

    EDCO Easy Wipes Roll 50 Sheets

    $7.15 $6.95

    Picks up fluid and grime particles Easy rinse to clean Super absorbent Perforated sheets for easy tear-off Mixed colours per carton Dimensions: W300 x D400mm ...



    $189.90 $180.00

    DURABLE ANTI-SLIP COATING.   BullyLiner™ provides a you with an incredibly durable anti-skid, waterproof surface that’s resistant to dents and scratches, providing your truck bed the ulti ...

  • Eezneez Painters Pants

    Eezneez Painters Pants


    Eezneez White Pants.   Designed by tradesmen for tradesmen.   Built in Knee Pads 100% Cotton 310 GSM Front Bellowed Utility Pocket Ruler / Tool / Pencil Pocket Side Cargo / Phone Pocket Side Ang ...

  • Edco Deck Scrub with Handle

    Edco Deck Scrub with Handle

    $17.95 $14.95

    Heavy duty Deck scrub Brush   This Deck scrub is an ideal way to apply your timber cleaners and prep products.   Tuff & Durable!   Preparation is the key to getting the best out of ...

  • Uni-Pro Jumbo Decking Brush

    Uni-Pro Jumbo Decking Brush

    $32.45 $30.00

    WIDE 175mm Brush   Deigned for staining Or oiling your deck. Long, Flexible brush filaments gets in between each board to ensure sides as well as the top of each board.   Easy to use & s ...

  • Uni-Pro Floor & Decking Applicator

    Uni-Pro Floor & Decking Applicator

    $15.75 $14.00

    Quick, Easy & Inexpensive Sheepskin floor applicators are the best way to quickly and effectively oil & stain a timber deck.   Also Great for internal floor polyurethanes     ...

  • Sikkens Ezee Deck Brush

    Sikkens Ezee Deck Brush

    $47.90 $43.00

    Ezee Deck Brush     The EZEE Deck Brush is specifically designed to take the hard work out of coating a timber deck whilst still providing the best possible coating quickly. The soft 175mm p ...