Decking Accessories

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  • Edco Deck Scrub with Handle

    Heavy duty Deck scrub Brush   This Deck scrub is an ideal way to apply your timber cleaners and prep products.   Tuff & Durable!   Preparation is the key to getting the best out of ...

    $17.95 $14.95

  • Uni-Pro Jumbo Decking Brush

    WIDE 175mm Brush   Deigned for staining Or oiling your deck. Long, Flexible brush filaments gets in between each board to ensure sides as well as the top of each board.   Easy to use & s ...

    $32.45 $30.00

  • Uni-Pro Floor & Decking Applicator

    Quick, Easy & Inexpensive Sheepskin floor applicators are the best way to quickly and effectively oil & stain a timber deck.   Also Great for internal floor polyurethanes     ...

    $15.75 $14.00

  • Sikkens Ezee Deck Brush

    Ezee Deck Brush     The EZEE Deck Brush is specifically designed to take the hard work out of coating a timber deck whilst still providing the best possible coating quickly. The soft 175mm p ...

    $47.90 $43.00